About the Management System Service Provider Association

The Management Systems Service Provider Association supports 5,500 consultants, trainers, auditors and other ISO management system support organizations.

We are the nation’s most effective resource and influential advocate for the ISO industry.

In the past year, all of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Safety, Education, Human Resources and the Executive Round table have supported our membership by working on issues important to management system professionals, sharing best practices among them and educating members about available resources.

How to become MSSPA certified

We strive to improve the quality of Service Provider for their clients.  We have gathered a number of highly experienced successful trainers, consultants and educators to develop a guideline to certification.

The steps to become certified are:
  1. Commit to the goals of the association
  2. Complete your profile with as much detail as possible
  3. Complete the MSSPA skill assessment
  4. Submit three (3) professional references - your peers
  5. Submit five (5) client references - your clients
  6. We reach out to verify and talk with the references
Upon completion, we designate you as "certified."