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Business technology concept as two hands holding a group of machine gears shaped as a human head as a symbol and metaphor for the transfer of industry information or corporate training.“The number-one mistake that companies make as they ready themselves for registration is that they over document their processes. When you write more procedures than you need, you can be stuck with a burdensome system forever.”

Many organizations choose to engage and outsource an ISO 9001 consultant to prepare for registration.  They want to jump start the process and reduce the overall cost and make the process more efficient.

There are many ISO consultants to choose from; so what factors are important when choosing one?

  • Track Record - how many companies have they helped toward certification?
  • Testimonials - does the consultant have a good number of customer testimonials?
  • Industry Experience - does the consultant know your industry or do they specialize in only a few?
  • Follow up - does the consultant provide services to help audit your Management System?
To make the process easy for you, here’s a simple 4 step guide to choosing the best consultants for your business.

Free ISO 9001 GAP Analysis

Performing an ISO 9001 gap analysis is one of the first steps to ISO 9001 certification.  Simply, the GAP analysis compares your current management system to the requirements of the standard.  It shows where your existing Quality Management System does not conform to the standard.  The end result with the analysis is a shorter time and lower cost implementing a certifiable QMS.

What is an ISO 9001 gap analysis?

To begin, it involves conducting a comparison of your business’s existing QMS system with the requirements in the ISO 9001 standard and identifying areas for improvement. This process may be done internally or can be outsourced to a professional ISO 9001 consultant.

An ISO 9001 gap analysis is first step and that is why we created a free assessment form.  It contains 30 questions and will help orient you to areas you may need work.  Take a few minutes and answer the questions.  We send a report to you with suggested "next steps."

Click Here to Take our FREE ISO 9001 GAP Analysis.

Finding a qualified ISO consultant

Manufacturing continues to be the dominant driver in the U.S. economy.  Many manufacturers are working to develop and maintain a quality management system (QMS) certifications. ISO certification is a very important accomplishment, but it can be a difficult process without the guidance of an experienced ISO consultant.

Here are some useful considerations when hiring an ISO consultant

As important as it is daunting, hiring the right ISO consultant comes with big challenges. Due diligence cannot be ignored; otherwise, you run the risk of ending up with costly mismatches.

Here are key considerations in your search for the right ISO consultant: